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  1. Cameron is the envoy of PEI Points East Nature. As a guide, not only does he know where to catch fish, where my 10 year old Jackson was able to get his 1st few trout on a fly, he is a wealth of knowledge for visiting tourists – maps, booklets, where to go solo fishing, deep sea adventure recommendations, birding, wood carving and general places to see. We had a great morning with Cameron and I was one of the highlights of out PEI visit – thanks! Rui & Jackson

  2. My wife booked me a half day trip with Cameron Ross at On The Fly PEI for my 25th wedding anniversary present. I have fly fished for many years, but never in Canada and never with a guide. It was an outstanding experience.

    The mid-September day broke warm and clear, so my wife decided to tag along and take a few photos. When a guide’s first words are “Hi I’m Cameron, how do you like your coffee?…you just know it’s going to be a good day. We flew in from the states and brought nothing but a 5 weight rod and very light tackle bag. Not to worry, Cameron provided everything!

    Etiquette prevents me from disclosing our fishing location, but suffice it to say it was very, very nice. It had easy wading and a picturesque freestone setting with the slow moving tea-colored water that PEI is known for. Cameron provided spot-on fly selection and I caught my first-ever Brookie within minutes! The hunt was on, and the next two hours flew by with me catching fish and my wife taking pictures.

    When we stopped for a shore break, I was in for another surprise. Homemade biscuits with homemade jam! I was expecting a granola bar! My wife (the cook) made very short work of the snacks and was quite impressed. In short they were excellent!

    When we started back into the water, Cameron casually noted that he had another set of waders, if my wife, a total non-flyfisher, wanted to wade and take photos. What a guy! She accepted and was soon a true part of the expedition. Then Cameron offered my wife the loan of his personal fly rod, which had been all over the world; if she wanted to try her hand at the local Brookies. This was an exceptionally kind offer,and I was a little worried. However, there was no need to be. She was a natural.

    Well, I’m sure you’ve already guessed the end of the story. Within a few moments my wife had hooked a very nice Brookie. It was, sadly, much larger than anything I caught that day and Cameron said it was probably the largest one caught by his clients that season. Sigh.

    All was not lost. I may have surrendered bragging rights for PEI Brookies, but I gained a fishing partner, and discovered and EXCELLENT fly fishing guide.

    Thank you Cameron for the excellent memories. You have my highest recommendation as a guide and an ambassador of PEI. Well done sir.

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