Fish Tales

The following is a collection of testimonials from some of our satisfied clients

Bruce and Pat Tilbrook
Wetaskiwin, Alberta —

When Pat and I were making plans last winter for our Prince Edward Island trip this summer we looked at many websites. But one website stood out above all others— The fellow who owns this website is Cameron Ross. Cameron’s knowledge of where to go and what to see on PEI is unsurpassed. His whole life is PEI and the added bonus for me was his intimate knowledge of fishing on the island—specifically fly-fishing.

I hired him for part of a day this past August. He took me to one of the many picturesque streams on the island, one that is totaly spring fed. I was fishing for brook trout. I have chased the Atlantic salmon before in the Maritimes but never specifically for brookies.

Our day started out with watching and catching some of the trout available in one of the many streams dotted throughout the island . Then to my surprise and more to Cameron’s we saw young salmon or grisle in one of the pools. And to add to Cameron’s amazment one took my fly.

I didn’t bring salmon equipment along. I was using light fly tackle for trout. He took my dry fly with reckless abondonment. After four leaps of faith it came to net and pictures were taken and it was then released. To catch a salmon, an Atlantic salmon, on a dry fly at anytime of the year was incredible to say the least and I’m sure I couldn’t have done it without Cameron’s help and assistance.

We ended the day sitting on the bank in quiet solitude watching fish rise and eating some of Cameron’s delicious homebaked pasteries.

Pat and I know who to talk again the next time we visit Prince Edward Island. Thank-you Cameron for such a great time.